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We strive to create value by increasing production value while decreasing costs and risks. The calculator below helps you determine the monetary benefit you will receive from wave9 solution. If you have any questions about the calculator or results contact us
  • Number of wells your company operates:
  • Average netback ($/bbl):
  • Average production per well (in barrels):
  • Number of wells an operator visits daily:
  • Days between visits expected after Wave9
  • Unexpected downtime per well: (days/year)
  • Average annual salary of a Lease Operator($):
  • Risk Reduction Factor
  • Annualized cost of Wave9 product on 3 yr contract
  • Annual value of reducing site visits from on each operator's salary ($)
  • Annual value of reduced environmental risk on each well: ($)
  • Annual Value of faster response and resolution on each well ($)
  • Total annual return on investment from your purchase for each well: (%)
  • Total annual return on investment from your purchase for each well (no efficiency factor): (%)
  • Payback Period
  • Payback Period

Please note that certain assumptions in the calculation above are based on data and statistics of oil production industry in Saskatchewan. If you have any questions or concerns about the overall return on investment please contact us for further details.

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